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we are proud to be a pioneer in meeting the global market’s need for high quality marine products.
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the stage for excellence in the world of marine product exports.

We are here to proudly take you through our journey driven by sustainability, unmatched quality and strong partnerships with local communities.


A sustainable export leader with a strong commitment to the environment.

Consistent Quality

High quality products with unwavering quality standards.

Strong Partnerships

Fair supply chain with local fishermen, supporting communities and producing superior products.

Who we are

Marine Sustainability, Proven Quality, True Partnership.

We are a company dedicated to providing high-quality
marine products to meet the needs of consumers who
value taste, quality, and sustainability. With our
commitment to providing the best choice, we present a
variety of selected marine products, including Squid in
three different sizes (10/15cm, 15/20cm, 20 cm up), Flying Fish,
Vaname Shrimp, Windu/Pancet/Black Tiger Shrimp, and

Our Value

Inspiring Innovation, and True Partnership

We view integrity as the primary basis for all our actions, while fostering a deep commitment to environmental and community sustainability.


To become a leader in the global fishing industry by providing high quality squid, flying fish, Vaname shrimp, Windu/Pancet/Black Tiger shrimp, and octopus, meeting the needs of customers around the world.


Delivering superior marine products of the highest quality while upholding sustainability through partnerships with trusted fishermen and suppliers. Innovating products and production processes to ensure continuous excellence. Committed to customer satisfaction through responsive service.

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unrivaled quality, and true partnership

Come explore our range of superior products that reflect the values we proudly embrace.
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In Quality Presence, Inspiring Goodness with Every Ocean.

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Where sustainability, unrivaled quality, innovation and partnership are not only our values, but also the reasons why you make wise choices.
Let’s discover some of the key reasons why we are a superior partner in meeting the need for high-quality marine products.


Exports with a positive impact on the environment and local communities.

Undisputed Quality

High quality marine products that meet the highest standards.

Latest Innovation

New flavors, inspiring culinary experiences.

True Partnership

Partners in success, building solid relationships with customers and local fishermen.

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Squid are marine animals that have a slender body shape, the fins are at the posterior end of the mantle, around the mouth there are 8 arms and 2 tentacles which are equipped with suckers, and have a soft and tender texture.


The octopus is a marine animal that has 8 arms with suckers in the form of concave dots on the arms which are used to move on the seabed and catch prey. The octopus arm is a muscular hydrostat structure that consists almost entirely of layers of muscle without bones or exoskeleton and has no shell.



Phylum : Chordata
Subphylum : Vertebrates
Class : Pisces
Subclass : Teleostei
Order : Percomorphi
Suborder : Percoidea
Family : Carangidae
Genus : Decapterus
Species : Decapterus sp



Heavy : 20-30 grams / Head
Texture : Chewy & Soft
Meat : Solid & not Hollow
Habitats : Freshwater
Color : Transparent to White
Flavor : Sweet & Fresh

Tiger Prawns / Pancet / Black Tiger


Texture : Springy
Long : ± 36 cm
Body Skin : Hard
Color : Bluish Green
Salinity : 5 – 45%
Heavy : 200 – 320 gr

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